Sunday, January 6, 2008

1-31-1924: Mr. Shaffer's Custom "reed reef" inlaid 0-42 ~ Denied!

It was rare for Martin to reject a custom order, but in January of 1924, this one seemed a bit over-the-top for the booming little Nazareth guitar factory. Enclosed is a drawing by Mr. W.F. Shaffer, who wrote Rudolf Wurlitzer requesting their catalog #2092 (Martin's 0-42) be highly ornamented with custom top, side and headplate inlays. Herbert Keller Martin responded politely, "... we are very sorry that the crowded condition of our factory makes it impossible to oblige you. We suggest that the inlaying required would amount to the price of our Style 45. Possibly this instrument would interest your prospect. This being a regular style, shipment could be made in a few months." Although the North Street factory would undergo a large expansion the following year, no records show of a "reed reef" inlaid 0-42 being shipped.