Saturday, January 26, 2008

1-31-1927: MMR Magazine visits C.F. Martin's North Street factory

1-31-1927 Musical Merchandise Review Magazine: "The present Martin factory, located in a small Pennsylvania village a short distance from New York, is a model of modern efficient manufacturing facilities. Up-to-date machinery and equipment are used throughout, although practically every operation in the manufacture of Martin instruments is done by hand. It is a large and roomy fireproof daylight factory of four stories. The walls give the impression of being 95 per cent windows and this with the whitewashed interiors and high-lofted "barreled sunlight" ceilings brighten up the plant to a degree that makes contented and productive workmen.

The character of such a community as Nazareth insures a supply of workmen of the true craftsman class and the personnel of the Martin organization includes many men who have spent a lifetime on the Martin payroll. Conditions are such that the employment turnover is not only slight but the workmanship is diligent and painstaking."

Inside images of the North Street factory during the period will be included in "Birth of the Dreadnought."