Friday, January 4, 2008

5-14-1934: Urgent telegram from Wurlitzer of Milwaukee ~ Reason: The second D-45

Soon after placing his order with Rudolf Wurlitzer of Milwaukee, Jackie "Kid" Moore learns his Custom D-45 is being constructed as a 'new' 14-fret Dreadnought "Orchestra Model." As of May 1934, Martin was near completion of the guitar body for the Kid. But after receiving this telegraph, C.F. Martin III stopped production of the 'new' shortened bodied Dreadnought and agreed to "...make up another special D-45 Dreadnaught Guitar in the old model with twelve frets clear of the body." "The work will be started promptly and we expect to finish it in about three weeks."

The complete story of this guitar will be published in "Birth of the Dreadnought." As well as the story of the D-45 that came before it.